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What’s up Webdoc ? (2) : 10 social stories

24 Jan

We identified 9 issues on social services. These 9 issues will be the video-clips or capsula on wich we will focus for the stories in the movies. We don’t pretend to be exhaustive of course. Selection will be hard.

(1) Social Housing (2) Social Economy

(3) Health Care insurances (4) Public Assistance

(5) Pensions (6) Child care (7) Disability

(8) Job placement (9) Long-term care

(10) ?

The objective is to examine these social services notably in the context of the profit-non for profit divide in different countries and the impact for the citizens of the crisis and to what extent there is or not a “european echo” to this issue. For each capsula, we will try to find a different country.

Each capsula will be realised in a Workshop where the scenario and ideas will be drafted.

You would like to feed us in one issue ? Are you an organisation representative of one of this theme ? Don’t hesitate to contact us !

More info soon. And… yes still work in progress

What’s up Webdoc ? (1)

13 Jan

I have Bunnies in my mind asking me what’s a Webdoc.

Wikipedia gives us a right and flexible definition: an interactive documentary. Important is the experience of the audience… Wait, the audience is beginning to be an actor actually. And in this project I’m ready to go further because even for the scenario, I’m expecting materials and contributions.

When I was younger I used to read these books who were “thrilling fantasy adventure in which YOU are the hero”. I expect this kind of experience from a Webdoc. Play video games…

One of the Doctors who has written a very useful survivor’s book on the webdocumentaries is Matthieu LIETAERT :”Webdocs. A Survival Guide for Online Filmmakers” in both French and English:

On the spot : Hang your ideas up

11 Jan

Like clothes, our ideas could be cleaned/washed/dried up and – why not ?- exposed to the sun and to the neighbourhood … as they do in Naples for instance.

I therefore wish to share my ideas regarding this Webdoc project through PREZI :

Don’t hesitate to hang up your ideas on what could contain such a documentary !

A happy webdoc year !

9 Jan

A Webdoc on “Social Business in Europe” ?


Here we go. First post.  The dream came true…  After a lot of reflections, explanations, the idea to create a webdoc is on the agenda of 2012. That’s an important step.  I don’t know any Belgian administration ready to go through it, except mine… the belgian federal public service of social security.

Regarding financing and content, partnerships with NGO’s, Mediapartners are at the agenda.

I’m preparing a presentation with PREZI for my colleagues and the potential partners. I will share the link.

Content of the film?

Have a picture of Social Services in Europe. Are we assisting to the merchandising of social services in Europe and what are the challenges, tensions and the influence of the socio-economic crisis ?

Following the organisation of the 3rd Forum on social services of general interest and the adoption of Council’s Conclusions during the Belgian Presidency in 2010, the idea of relaying the issue of social services and welfare to a larger audience is born. Diffusion in accordance with TV channels and/or through the Internet is highly desired.

Are social services in a process of transformation in Europe ? What are the direct consequences for the citizens and their welfare ?

More and more companies are interested in accessing sectors of social welfare (social assistance and social protection), which were traditionally reserved to the State or non-profit organisations.

In a context of crisis, States are interested in externalisation of services. Which ones are particularly interesting for the “private sector” and with which consequences for the citizen?

Is this interesting for the collectivity and the general interest they represent? What is the role of Brussels in this story?

More questions than answers. This could be a nice starting point for investigation.

The issue would be illustrated through concrete zoomings with users, social workers at local level.

We are searching 10 concrete stories in Europe in order to illustrate this issue.

Some example :

  • Social housing in the Netherlands: a pending case before the European Court of Justice

  • Elderly Care in Sweden : a new law on the freedom of Choices

  • Health care in UK

  • Complementary pension schemes in Hungary

A lot of work is needed here, I’m just consolidating the team, the ideas and the process needed in order to create this webdoc.

Next post will be on what’s a WEBDOC and how we will work together…

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