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Hot topic : Belgians like fries and beer… but also their Welfare-State

17 Feb

It may be no surprise but citizens of Belgium still appear convinced by a social State. Social Security or Health Care for instance remain core values for Belgian citizens, scoring as high as 82% for Social Security and  90% for Health care.

That – and more – is suggested by a survey from European values Study. “Autre temps, Autres moeurs” was conducted by scholars VOYE, DOBBELAERE and ABTS with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation.

We hope you’ll get the chance to read the extensive article by Ricardo Guttiérrez in the print edition of Le Soir 02/16 2012 (Belgian French speaking newspaper) or a shorter web version here.

Do you think this reflects the situation in your own country ? What does it mean for you ?

What’s up Webdoc ? (3) : Work in progress

9 Feb

Every since I remember, I’ve always been a visual person.
I like to express myself by telling stories, with visual details and precise images. I like to paint the picture of what I think, of how I feel. It’s a great way to share your point of view by involving the others into the conversation.
That’s why I’m thrilled to work on this project. It’s aimed at fostering the debate and shaking the ideas. Not only on what our present is made off, but on how we get involved in order to shape our future.

We’ve be chatting about the webdoc for a long time, and now it’s getting real. We’ve been talking about it to several partners. We’re spreading the word. We’re making the big leap.

This is the first sketch I made. It’s not much but it gives a clear idea of how could the content be presented around one particular subject.
I think we have to display various type of information, giving to the users various ways to get interested, and letting them choose how to learn more.

Of course, interactivity is of a great importance and will be a part of the experience. The sktech evidently lacks a ‘have your say‘ square. I reckon there will be a bunch of things to add in the next one, probably because I drew it on a sleepless evening, on sketchbookexpress using pictures of my last trip to Uzbekistan 🙂

After all, it is a work in progress.

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