What’s up Webdoc ? (4) : A flourishing week

22 Mar

It’s been a flourishing week. Two brain-shaking morning sessions – in a row – have led us to move forward.

This new visual for the look & feel of the content is but the top of the iceberg. I definitely like the image of the expert popping up as you mouseover out of the main frame. The ‘have your say’ block is now included in the picture, with no return policy.

Our strategic session with @LejeuneGil and @Manuel Paolillo about this very blog was very productive I must say. We’re sharing ideas on how to improve the blog, back- and front-endwise.

We sat down yesterday with our partners from the Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles : Louise Labib (producer), Jacques Borzykowski (film director) and Philippe Cotte (promo manager). Yet again, we talked about our shared vision for the films, about structure and influences, about putting the people at the center.

As expected, the conversation drifted away. We found ourselves speaking about life, society, ideas. To which extent can people really make decision in their life? How about social services? How much is our society compelling people to go one way because the other one is unaffordable?

Freedom, solidarity, empowerment…I reckon those words are bound to come up quite often in future discussions.

It’s been a flourishing post. After all, it is the second day of spring.  So I leave you with a simple question:

What can we do to make this blog better?

Julien Schreiber

One Response to “What’s up Webdoc ? (4) : A flourishing week”

  1. eusocialwebdoc March 22, 2012 at 19:29 #

    So many things to do, so many challenges, Youhou ! Thx for this Post Julien.

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