Open the door : A l’abri de rien

30 Mar


A door creaks, the atmosphere is damp, the walls are crumbling, the cough is dry, the children’s cries sound the death knell of a certain France. No question here of postcards, it is far from café of province, where the spring sings as much as it illuminates our faces. It delves into the lives of these people, those for whom housing has become a deep distress. In the Hexagon, « housing has become a major concern and a factor of social insecurity . » In his web documentary entitled A l’abri de rienSamuel Bollendorff traces the lives of many households that suffer from poor housing.

Today in France, more than 3 million people are affected by this phenomenon. The housing issue is a major challenge we have to take up for saving thousands of families.

« Je vois toujours à long terme, mais un peu moins qu’avant. »
« I’m still living in a long term way, but less than before. »

In an interview with the blog cinemadocumentaire , the director says his devotion to social causes. For him, the webdoc not only serves as a support for his investigative work, as a journalist. Rather it is a true “megaphone” for those whose breath is cut off by the pressure of a society in crisis. It is in this perspective that our project is part of web documentary. Compared to Samuel Bollendorff work, we would like to give more emphasis on the global approach on welfare. In other words, social services are not only for the poorest but also for everyone. Policies only target on the poors are very often considered as poor policies.  Through this, we want to break that image that sticks to skin of assistant social services. The power of solidarity, it is primarily a way of thinking about society but also allows a human being to enjoy the weapons that will help him to bloom.

Everyone of us is confronted to solidarity. What about you?

Gil Lejeune


One Response to “Open the door : A l’abri de rien”

  1. eusocialwebdoc March 30, 2012 at 16:47 #

    Well done Gil. First Post, first analysis.

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