What’s up Webdoc ? (5) : My Social Bird

4 Apr

2 years ago, I wrote a little comic book on social services in Europe trying to find simple words to express the challenges of European economic regulation in time of crisis for social services.

I will post here some extracts, from time to time. It’s time for Poetry!   😉

My son, a bird will sing and fly. It is a marvel of nature. We need it in order to have a balanced ecosystem and for agriculture. A bird reminds us of freedom. The owl is the symbol of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. She is depicted on Greek 1 Euro coins.

There are a hundred thousand different birds and their diversity alone is a form of wealth in its own right. Social Services of General Interest (SSGI) are just like birds. Their chant has a pleasant effect from the moment you enter this world, for your parents who take you to the day nursery, for young people who are struggling and for the elderly who need support. They protect the young and the old from social risks and safeguard those who are vulnerable. They empower us to live to our full potential.”

The webdoc will be focused on this empowerement by solidarity. But, what is at stake today with the economic crisis ?

Manuel Paolillo

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