What’s up Webdoc? (6) : In the mood for pitching

11 Apr

Cross-Video Days in Paris

We were at a big crossroad today: trying to improve our webdoc’s story day after day. With search for partners ongoing, we’ve been focusing on two big webdoc festivals:  Cross Video Days &  Millenium Webdoc Meetings. We don’t belong to this Movie-world yet, and that’s one of the reason why we need these connections with professionals of webdoc.

Application for Cross Video Days are now closed. Our project is registred.  But it’s far from sure we’ll be among the lucky 20 who’ll pitch their story in Paris, at the Stade the France (nothing less)…  We thus hope that our web documentary on social Europe will pace up and down the market at Cross Video Days in Paris on 12 and 13 June. Pending the official selection of projects that will receive personal counseling sessions with experts of transmedia but also access to the pitching scene, we continue to work each day highlighting the empowerment of solidarity in Europe.

In the meantime, we welcome your comments and your testimony and we invite you to follow us on Twitter. Our account will be made from newspaper clippings and articles relating in any way to our webdoc.

Millenium Webdoc Meetings in Brussels

Before what promises to be one of the biggest festivals in Europe about transmedia, we’ll go to Millennium Webdoc Meetings in Brussels in early May.  This sounds exciting because it ‘s also my personal challenge as an intern to make this pitch ! Studying a Master in European Affairs at IHECS, it’s a nice opportunity for me to do this, because I believe that new ways to tell stories are now at stake.

Gil Lejeune

2 Responses to “What’s up Webdoc? (6) : In the mood for pitching”

  1. Vivian Roldo April 12, 2012 at 10:36 #

    Thank you for your article about the Cross Video Days. Good luck with your project! 😉

    • lejeunegil April 12, 2012 at 11:12 #

      Thank you for your comment. Hope see you soon in Paris.
      Have a good day.

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