Hot topic : “Internet is a tool that will change our civilization as much as the invention of writing”

10 May

Patric Jean is a belgian movie maker and producer (Black Moon Production). He’s famous for “Les enfants du Borinage – lettre à Henri Stock”, “La Raison du plus fort” and “a Domination masculine”. Very active in the trans media world, he’s presently working on web productions. This is a short interview conducted at the Millenium Webdoc Meetings:

The world of web-documentary is changing. Belgium is still a little behind its French neighbour, but do you feel that emulation is taking shape?

“The emulation of the creators, people who have desire is everywhere. It exists in all countries. In Belgium, there is a tradition of film directors, documentary filmmakers, creators, artists. The desire is there. The willingness to support him is not there yet. Generally, the press here and abroad doesn’t have any budget for this kind of expression. TVs have little money for such projects singular but have a lot to others who are much more popular form of mass audiences. This is an old story but even more acute in the new writing because it costs more. In fact, the digital cultures require us to make the same fee as for a classical production, but with the addition of new parameters. The budget is heavier. I can carry out the projects that I personally want to defend but I see many people in difficulties but who have very good ideas.”

You talked about a digital tsunami. What does it mean?

“What awaits us is a tsunami in terms of civilization. Digital cultures, we have fallen into by accident. A simple example is the Internet. This incredible tool now has not designed, at the time, for creators or for social networks. And by chance, we find ourselves with a tool that will change our civilization as much as the invention of writing. It is a certainty for me. The Americans talk about “paridigmatic shift” : a total transformation with new epistemological concepts will have to invent it and others will disappear. This is a change in society is changing worldwide. What we are seeing today is just the beginning, the first shadows, the outposts. This is a deep change looming on the horizon.”

What examples can you give on these cultural issues?

“When there is a technological breakthrough in the culture, one of the first questions to ask, this is who will own. Who will have the means? Who will be the biggest fish in the story? Whoever owns the medium, the information is a colossal power. The question that will arise in the cultural earthquake that is unfolding is who will be the strongest. What we can already say is that today Google or Facebook, these are mainly U.S. multinationals. We have a real problem in Europe, a major economic and cultural issue. Will our ways of thinking disappear in favor of North American cultures? According to me, these are the issues for the coming 5 or 10 years.”

Interview by Gil Lejeune and Julien Schreiber

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