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Open the door : Changer le monde

21 May


How can we eradicate poverty, or at least, try to reduce social inequalities and the widening gap between countries? Social entrepreneurship is a new market for employers. This new form of economy moves more and more around the world and could directly contribute to the revival of the Member States of the European Union.
Changer le monde” is the story of eight contractors. They are struggling at their scale to install a new economic model in some regions and in some areas. A model based on solidarity, ecology and society’s needs. We’re not talking about being obsessed by return on investments: these contractors have a new kind of faith in humanity and develop innovative mechanisms that may revolutionize hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. Continue reading

Open the door : A l’abri de rien

30 Mar


A door creaks, the atmosphere is damp, the walls are crumbling, the cough is dry, the children’s cries sound the death knell of a certain France. No question here of postcards, it is far from café of province, where the spring sings as much as it illuminates our faces. It delves into the lives of these people, those for whom housing has become a deep distress. In the Hexagon, « housing has become a major concern and a factor of social insecurity . » In his web documentary entitled A l’abri de rienSamuel Bollendorff traces the lives of many households that suffer from poor housing.

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