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We need a “social” fashion designer

10 Oct

All is in the flyer, spread it…

What’s up Webdoc : la prochaine fois qu’on se voit, à quoi tu veux que je ressemble?

11 Jun

pictures from Phil http://pictures-in-oblivion.blogspot.be/2008_05_01_archive.html

C’est sous ce titre intriguant que Julien a tweeté et pitché notre projet de webdocumentaire au dernier XO DOX à Gand.

Crises sociales, règles du marché, concurrence, le principe de non-lucratif qui s’étiole, … à quoi ressembleront les services sociaux en Europe dans les prochaines années ? Quel pouvoir de solidarité restera-t-il encore aux citoyens d’aujourd’hui et de demain ?

Pour illustrer cela, nous vous emmenons à la découverte de tranches de vies, d’une plongée dans le réel de Suzette, Markus, Ivan, Giorgio…ils ont chacun quelque chose à nous dire.  Ces portraits seront couplés à des thématiques de services sociaux : le remboursement des soins de santé, l’économie sociale, le logement, la pension, l’aide à la formation, etc. Dire que tous ces services, piliers de notre modèle social sont aujourd’hui sous pression est un euphémisme. Est-ce la concurrence qui en devient le principe de fonctionnement ? Quelle place reste-t-il pour la solidarité ? Continue reading

At first, I was afraid…

9 May

Debating Europe has asked this very topical question today, 9th of May Europe’s day :

Can the “European Social Model” survive? link

Some interesting reactions.  We will just post this “funny” answer this evening : maybe this model will survive. What could be Europe without ?

For the rest listen to Gloria’s lyrics or to the Cake’s version.

What’s up Webdoc ? (5) : My Social Bird

4 Apr

2 years ago, I wrote a little comic book on social services in Europe trying to find simple words to express the challenges of European economic regulation in time of crisis for social services.

I will post here some extracts, from time to time. It’s time for Poetry!   😉

Continue reading

Hot topic : Where is the Solidar Power ?

4 Mar

More or less, Social services in Europe are characterised by solidarity.

One of the issue concerning Solidarity is that its nature is often related to a dichotomy between warm and cold solidarities.

Warm solidarity – always considered as « fun » – is related to the personal and direct engagement of the person and is implemented in direct actions : a donation, tutoring, … This solidarity could be considered as charity. Warm solidarity would be related to individual action. The warm solidarity is always considered as nice, a « free » engagement enabling creativity.

The cold solidarity is related to structural mechanisms put in place by the law and public authorities, such as social security and social assistance schemes. This kind of solidarity, where the action of people is less essential and where contributions are mandatory, is more often questioned because of a certain idea of freedom.

However at the very beginning, instruments of cold solidarity have been put in place thanks to free and historical choices, or in other words by warm solidarities.

One added value of the Webdoc would be to question the warm/cold dichotomy and why not to measure (but how…) the level of Solidarity everyone is confronted to because of interconnections between persons at a time when Mario Draghi announces the end of the European social model.

In Durkheim’s view on Mechanical and organic solidarity, the intensity and content of the conscience collective is also an important part of the nature of solidarity.

Imagine a web application calculating your Solidar Power and your knowledge of collective consciousness…

What’s up Webdoc ? (2) : 10 social stories

24 Jan

We identified 9 issues on social services. These 9 issues will be the video-clips or capsula on wich we will focus for the stories in the movies. We don’t pretend to be exhaustive of course. Selection will be hard.

(1) Social Housing (2) Social Economy

(3) Health Care insurances (4) Public Assistance

(5) Pensions (6) Child care (7) Disability

(8) Job placement (9) Long-term care

(10) ?

The objective is to examine these social services notably in the context of the profit-non for profit divide in different countries and the impact for the citizens of the crisis and to what extent there is or not a “european echo” to this issue. For each capsula, we will try to find a different country.

Each capsula will be realised in a Workshop where the scenario and ideas will be drafted.

You would like to feed us in one issue ? Are you an organisation representative of one of this theme ? Don’t hesitate to contact us !

More info soon. And… yes still work in progress

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