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Hot topic : To see the world in another way

25 May

Thomas and Fabrice Gabison Osinski are the  laureates of the latest Millenium Webdoc Meetings for “D’une rue à l’autre”, their web-documentary project  about post-apartheid in South Africa. Already authors of a first project called “127 rue de la Garenne“, the two French have made a prominent place on the transmedia  stage. They’ve invented a new form of writing by appealing to forms of storytelling that goes back from tapestry to comic strips, and adapting those to the web. 

“After World War II, France has called a lot of  foreign workers for rebuilding the country. Those people found themselves in hell and faced the administration but they still remained united and worthy.” Fabrice Osinski sets the scene for “127, rue de la Garenne”, one of the 500 shantytowns in France. We dive into the heart of the Paris region, in Nanterre, late 1960s.

Open the door : A l’abri de rien

30 Mar


A door creaks, the atmosphere is damp, the walls are crumbling, the cough is dry, the children’s cries sound the death knell of a certain France. No question here of postcards, it is far from café of province, where the spring sings as much as it illuminates our faces. It delves into the lives of these people, those for whom housing has become a deep distress. In the Hexagon, « housing has become a major concern and a factor of social insecurity . » In his web documentary entitled A l’abri de rienSamuel Bollendorff traces the lives of many households that suffer from poor housing.

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