The Project

Make a movie, because we would like to tell stories behind words and policies.   Make a documentary because it’s a kind of testimony.  Make a web because we need connections.

Eu social lifetime

The Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Social Security has launched a project to create a webdocumentary on social services (social security,social and health services). That is why the FPS is looking for concrete stories with contributions from persons that are based on their daily life experiences, for a European webdocumentary. The webdoc’s issues are related to the impact of the crisis in a European context.
Through the stories, we will be looking for answers to various questions: are social services in a process of transformation in Europe? What are the direct consequences for the citizens and their welfare?
The FPS wishes to proceed in a co-creation perspective: the webdocumentary will be based on concrete experiences of users and social workers at local level.
Multimedia is the nature of the webdocumentary, but it also requires input from several parties.Therefore,your collaboration on scenario and realisation is highly valued.
 Are you an organisation active in the social sector? Do you have some ideas? All proposals to illustrate the issues are more than welcome.
Become a co-producer!
Ideas may be abstract and theoretical or very specific and trivial. However,it should be possible to turn them into video, or to bring themas contributions on the dedicated blog and on a website under construction.
The main goal is to film real social situations.
More information on the posts.

+32 479 69 13 35

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